Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes, it's been a while since the last post! It's been busy-ish on the farm, becoming frantic on the vineyard, very cruisy on the stud and complete chaos within the house!

Another birth notice: Bay colt to Kathryn's mare, Crysantha. A gorgeous wee boy - I am envious!

Love the 'bling'! I especially love the TB/Holsteiner cross that Rodin produces. An athletic type with super substance and bone - but not too heavy. I would love to understand more about the colour genes. Crysantha is a liver chestnut, yet produced a bay. My Penny, is a dark bay, who appears to have produced a chestnut! Below is a pic of Crysantha and foal, and at the back left of pic is another Rodin filly out of a lovely TB mare, Miss Financial. (Bay mare, ch.filly!)

More scanning next week: We have a mare here, returned after losing twins at full term. Her first visit she cycled like clockwork, conceived first serve, perfect client. Unfortunately, she was misdiagnosed as having a single, and managed to go full term with twins which died during foaling. She was given a season off to recover, but is proving difficult to breed again, although showing no obvious clinical problems according to our vets. So fingers crossed for Alex next week....

Also up for scanning next week is Maddy (my fave!) a gorgeous big wb mare who I would love to add to my wee herd! Sassy will be scanned as well - she lost twins at 7 months last season. Lady is pd+ and turning into quite a sweety...aint hormones grand?! I am holding off on serving Ducky: She is offset in a foreleg, and although well bred and an absolute angel, I am not convinced that breeding her is the right thing to do. She is nice and small and would make a handy wee hack for the farm - nothing like being able to reach the gate latches!

Red is back in work and I am enjoying being on him hugely. I need some work on myself and to stop 'locking up' my left side: Just not fair on such a supple young horse. I would love to put some pics on here....but no one is ever about to take pics of me when I ride!

We are off to the vineyard this afternoon, to start planting the 'gaps' ... about 3500 plants! My back hurts just thinking about it! Greg has come in from work to make me a cuppa whilst I sit here on MFA, not a good look, so must go muck in:)

Spare a thought for Lou at Talisman Farm (check my blog list) who is struggling to raise an orphan foal, Silas, this season. My heart goes out to Lou and family - this is no fun. Best wishes for Silas and hope he gets up and away...:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

RG Ricochet

The filly is RG Ricochet. Thanks Michele for the suggestion! So named, for the speed she exhibits whilst bouncing off the paddock 'walls'! I've seen pinball's with less purpose! It must have been "lets pull a stupid face for the camera day"...and 2 out of 3 obliged. Cuddles didn't bother even waking up. Penny is an outstanding mum and puts up reluctantly with my antics in the paddock. Not too keen on when I drag visitors in, but very obliging for 'family'.
Lovely day off on the farm (if you don't count laying a fenceline before lunch...). No sheep, no cows, no horses. Lots off coffee, scones, bacon & eggs. Might have to pull finger tomorrow...