Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pic of JK My Penny and filly foal by JK Rodin, RG Ricochet. Now 3 months old.

Another good horsework day:)

Rococo (aka Rocky) in again today for more groundwork. He was introduced to a saddle today and took it all in his stride. Complete with breastplate and flopping stirrup irons, it was all a bit of a non-event....very calm and sensible. I have to confess it was rather tempting to try to crawl all over him...! Note to self: Put mounting block on the shopping list. We went for a walk around the yards and buildings, even venturing into the shed and backing out a couple of times; thinking of future float training. He was tied up for half an hour, while I had a cup of tea (!) and then re-covered and sent back to his dusty dry paddock. Nice pony.
Moved all the cows, removed the bulls and to put the icing on the cake, said goodbye to Lavanderlilac and Hugo as they very happily rejoined the main herd. (Falkor didn't make it - crossed the bridge a little while ago....) Was a bit sad to see them skipping off to be 'big cows' but great to see them with all their own kind. For a while there, Hugo thought he was a chicken.
For those of you who are following the news of the kiwi firefighters in Oz, here is a link to the crew from Heli-Harvest. Am very proud that Dad is over there, but hope he stays safe.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

35 Degrees In The Shade....

That is just too hot. I attempted to do some 'horse-work' (as opposed to house-work, which also desperately needs doing) before it got too hot, but I was about an hour too late. Hence, Rococo got off very lightly and I ended up a wringing wet mess all by about 11am. What a tremendously kind young horse. He is getting quite big and brawny, now 2 years old and very much entire. But sensible and well mannered considering his shocking lack of handling! Am really looking forward to riding this boy.
Too hot to do anything else.
A huge branch came crashing down off one of the old gums by the stables. I rushed out to make sure Red wasn't squashed beneath it....knowing his love of the first-aid kit. But it wasn't even clever enough to squash one of the ten trillion turkeys that have taken up residence out there. Still, it was a huge branch - about 18" diametre, which will be great for 'popping over' once we trim it up.
It has just started spitting....big fat wet drops spaced about 3 feet apart...but WET. Keep your fingers crossed for us. It is way too dry in HB right now, and my heart really goes out to the poor Aussies with the fires in Vic.