Sunday, October 4, 2009

Global Warming?

...and still it snows...! Nick and Greg ponder life at the lower entrance to Deep Creek (the top block) Very cold and wet. Note to self: Put bikini and shorts back in the 'summer trunk'.

Jack finally got to make a real snow angel! He wasn't convinced these were the original models though, having always had to make them out of mud, sand, leaves etc. Was deeply disappointed to discover how wet one becomes whilst making them also! Hence, 10 minutes was his limit and we were back in the hilux heading for the house. Good. The novelty of snow is starting to wear off. Am not looking forward to moving bloody heavy diesel filled frost posts with frozen wet fingers in the next 48 hours.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We're Baaa...ack!

Spring was well and truly in the air this week....until today. Gorgeous weather all week then snow today! Thank goodness we aren't expecting any new arrivals for a few weeks yet.

Redman has been going really kindly for all who get on board...the pic below of Jessie having the ride of MY life! With mad cows, psychotic turkeys and an incident with an electric fence, I was a nervous wreck by the time we got home. Red was lucky it was Jess on board: my hands being somewhat less steady in times of high stress...!

Was a lovely ride around the farm, checked on the broodies out the back and everything looking good.
A bit of a different vista today:

This is 'Big Lake', at the back of the farm. In between the broodmare paddock and the Island Lake, where the previous pic was taken. In 30+ years, I have never seen snow this low in October (actually, any month!). This was a 3pm this afternoon...and it is now nearly 8pm...and to the best of my knowledge it is still snowing... AWESOME! Apologies to all readers in colder parts of the country: I know snow is cold and inconvenient. But this is a real treat here:) Of course, unless it all buggers off by Monday night, we could be in the poo with the vineyard? The last thing we need is a frost. But hey. Wouldn't life be boring without the odd challenge?

New additions to the menagerie:

Bushy and Fi: My beautiful TradeMe Rodent Control Units! Have moved in, taken over and am loving them to pieces.

And, not to give up on my moonews...I have a newmoo! Heidimoocow is the proud babysitter of Honky Snowballs, a cute white boy whose mother couldn't jump (over the fence to save him!)

No, I don't usually bother with the extravagance of covering cows....but it is so cold and miserable out there, and the covers weren't doing anything.... (That's a 4'6" on Heidi!)

Signing out:)