Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It is with something akin to relief, the year is drawing to a close. Not that it has been a rough year - far from it. It has just been super busy round here of late. Everyone is tired and cranky...but nothing 2 weeks on a tropical island wouldn't fix!
The last of Rodins 'booked' mares arrived this week. She is a real sweety to handle and serve, so everything should go to plan. He has a re-serve arriving in the next few weeks (aborted mid-way) who was a real challenge last year (!) and then lucky last, he can go back out with My Penny and Tricky (Ricochet). The 3 TBs are all vetted in foal and turned out the back (right out the back)...out of sight, out of Greg's mind!

The vineyard has been totally finished (planting) now and we have been busy de-budding (again) and getting the second tucking wires up. Greg put a copper/sulphur spray on today as the weather has been somewhat moist (YAY!) over the last 3 days.

Pleased to see a couple of purpose bred Rodin youngsters for sale on TM this month.

Rockman, by Rodin, out of 'Lips', owned by Sharron White TM Listing No.188027966 This boy has a neat attitude and a rather good jumping technique, don't you think!

Also: Filly out of 'Lucy', clyde/TB mare, owned by Bridgit Lowry, TM Listing No.191673888

Rodin is really 'stamping' his youngsters - they are so easy to spot! All seem to have the wonderful temperament and easy trainability of their sire, making them a pleasure to handle and a joy to eventually ride!

Speaking of riding: Red is sound and back under saddle. We have bought a new saddle, well, new secondhand. Red is going really well in it...and so am I! We are aiming to do the Wairoa A&P dressage and maybe a dabble at some saddle hunter classes. It's great after having a bit of rain, being able to work him without worrying (too much) about the jarring on this awful concrete-like ground. I only had 15 minutes to work him today, but even so, managed to get off with a smile from ear to ear at how well he went! I really have to work on keeping my left side soft, esp. my left hand, and keeping my sodding hands STILL. I wish I had some pics of me on him....