Monday, June 7, 2010

This is the first time I have contributed to this blog in months!

The pic is Rumble and it is still not as current as it should be. But it is so hard to make the hairy things look good at this time of year. He is due to be gelded in 4 weeks. I can't imagine standing another stallion again; Rodin was such a lovely boy and would be impossible to replace.

Red and Rococo are both in work and going great. I plan to have Red ready for the Spring show this year. Roccy has plenty of time up his sweat rug (!) and can come on slowly over the next 12 months. It was such a battle getting his feet right after the abscesses and seedy toe nearly toppled him - he will remain barefoot until such time as we decide he absolutely must have shoes. Seems to be the healthy option for this prima donna.

Ricochet has a new nickname - Tigger. She is big and orange and bouncy and so 'in your face' for attention. She had her first trim last week and was all in all, pretty fab. First time with a halter and leadrope.....and all four feet being picked up and sorted. What a star!

Dot is still here. And now up for sale. She is nice enough.....but really has no purpose with me. Unless Jack decides he wants to ride in a big hurry?

Farm News; TB testing all good. Dairy grazers staying on for a bit extra as local cockies needed OUR cows to clean up some rank pasture after destocking themselves. Had a good maize harvest, lucerne cropped and cut twice, haybarns full, silage pit chokka. Lambing due to start any day now and half the ewes were shorn in time.....the other half missed out due to over 7" of rain falling in the only remaining week to shear! So will be a good 'control' group for the crazy season. Got to 19 degrees today, which is just bizarre. All go and all good. Duckshooting has been a bit slow with opening morning being a roiler and then total lack of interest thereafter. In fact, we may have eaten all the ducks we shot already. But have a GIANT number of turkeys roaming the gloaming this year....

.....pick a nice fat one folks and send me a freezer bag!

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